How to Draw H2O Lewis Structure?

How to draw h2o lewis structure

Lewis Dot Structure for H2O

Two single bonds surround the oxygen atom in the Lewis structure of water. We can draw the H2O Lewis structure using the total valence electrons of Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms. We will walk you through each step of drawing the Lewis dot structure for H2O.

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There are two single bonds around the oxygen atom in the H2O Lewis structure. Single bonds connect hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms. On the oxygen atom, there are also two lone pairs.

How Many Hydrogen Atoms Are in a Molecule of Water?

H2O or water molecules are V-shaped and it consists of two hydrogen atoms connected to the sides of a single oxygen atom. So, there are 2 hydrogen atoms in a molecule of water.

How Many Atoms are in H2O?

Molecules are formed when atoms come together. Water molecule is formed with 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Two hydrogen (H) atoms and one oxygen (O) atom make up a water molecule. So, there are 3 atoms in H2O.

How Many Molecules are in H2O?

H2O or water molecule, contains two H atoms and one O atom. Because hydrogen has an atomic mass of 1.0078 and oxygen has an atomic mass of 15.999, the mass of a mole of water is 2 x 1.0078 + 15.999. As a result, a mole of water weighs 18.0146 grams, or with other words, there are 6.022 x 1023 molecules in H2O.

How to Draw H2O Lewis Dot Structure?

H2O is a very simple molecule. Drawing the Lewis structure of water is easier than drawing the Lewis structure of some more complex molecules or ions. If you compare the Lewis structure of CH3OH with H2O, you will realize that H2O Lewis Dot Structure is very easy to draw.

Check out video to learn how to draw H2O Lewis Structure or Lewis Structure for Water:

So, let’s find out the answer for How to Draw H2O Lewis Structure. If you want to draw H2O Lewis Structure, there are a few things you need to learn first. This article covers the Lewis structure of water as well as the basics and methods of Lewis Dot Structure. But since H2O Lewis Dot Structure is very easy to draw, you may not need to worry about the complex methods.

  • Calculate the total electrons in each of the valance shells for H and O atoms
  • Find out the total electron pairs (lone and bonds)
  • Select the center atom
  • If there are lone pairs, mark them on atoms
  • If there are charges, mark them on atoms

Total Electrons in H2O

The total number of electrons in H2O’s valance shells can be calculated as below. H and O are two seperate elements. Hydrogen is a group IA element with a single electron in its valence shell while Oxygen is a group VIA element with 6 electrons in its valence shell. So, since we know how many electrons H and O atoms have, we can easily calculate the total electrons of H2O.

1 * 2 = 2 valence electrons provided by hydrogen atoms (because there are 2 hydrogen atoms)
6*1 = 6 valence electrons provided by oxygen atoms (because only 1 oxygen atom in H2O)

2 + 6 = 8 total valence electrons in H2O molecule

Total Electron Pairs in H2O

The number of total valence electrons is divided by 2 to get total electron pairs in a molecule. As we calculated above, H2O molecule has 8 total valence electrons. If we divide 8 valence electrons by 2, we receive 4 pairs. It means that in the valence shells of H2O, there are four total pairs of electrons.

Center Atom of H2O

The capacity to have a higher valence is vital for becoming the center atom. Which atom has the highest valence among H and O? Oxygen has a maximum valence of 2. The only valence of hydrogen is 1. As a result, Oxygen atom can be selected as center atom for H2O molecule. Now we need to find lone pairs and charges to complete the drawing H2O Lewis Structure.

Lone Pairs in H2O

We should begin marking lone pairs on atoms after selecting the center atom and draw the H2O Lewis Dot Structure. Don’t forget that we found there are 4 pairs of electron in H2O molecule.

h2o basic structure, basic lewis structure water
H2O Basic Structure

Above you can find the basic structure of H2O. As you can see, there are 2 bonds and each bond has 1 Hydrogen electron and 1 Oxygen electron. So there are 4 Oxygen electrons are empty. Which means that 2 pairs of electron are empty now.

Remaining electrons should be indicated on the drawing of H2O Lewis Dot Structure. Oxygen atom has 4 more electrons so we need to put these remaining electrons on Oxygen atom. Here you can find the final version:

h2o lewis dot structure, how to draw h2o lewis dot structure
H2O Lone Pairs

Charges of H2O

There are no charges in H2O molecule so you don’t need to show it in the drawing.


H2O is a very easy molecule to draw Lewis Dot Structure. We tried to explain every detail you need to consider while drawing H2O Lewis Dot Structure. If you have any questions, please contact us and we can help you to understand the H2O Lewis Structure.

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